We are happy to announce that just before Christmas we received a confirmation that the Japanese Government will finance the purchase of a high speed braille printer for the National Library for the Blind. We had previously turned to the Japanese Embassy with this project and were overjoyed to hear that it was approved.

The purchase of this machine means more books of higher quality for the blind in our country. This is an unforgettable Christmas present particularly for our youngest readers who are the most active users of our library.

Our Library wishes to thank Japanese Government, His Excellency, the Ambassador of Japan in Bulgaria and the team of the Embassy who were so kind to visit our Library and get acquainted with our work.

Thank you so much!

The National Library of the Blind in Bulgaria "Louis Braille 1928" which is the proud bearer of the " St.St. Cyril and Methodius" I degree state award, was established in 1928. By the end of the Second World War its first chairman was the great Bulgarian composer Petko Staynov. The nobility and enthusiasm of those early years have been carried in the traditions of the Library to this day. At the beginning, a braille library was established but in the course of technological development many new achievements were introduced. At the moment the Library is the only source of fiction and reference literature in braille in the country.

We encourage the cultural and educational development of the blind. We provide our readers with braille and electronic books and also give consultations to blind people with computers.

We seek and promote in all possible ways the creativity of blind authors, folklore and other musical groups and generally artistic blind people. The Library is often the venue for meetings with popular authors, scientists and artists.

We are in close communication with our sister organisations at home and abroad, mainly in Europe.

"Louis Braille 1928" applies modern technologies for braille printing and access to information and closely follows the current developments in this area. We organize thematic courses on those subjects.

The Library works through its branches in Varna, Drianovo, Plovdiv and the two schools for blind children in Sofia and Varna and in cooperation with the Central Library of Sofia. The books for the capital are delivered by minibus and for the rest of the country we employ the Postal service.

The Library improves the educational and cultural level of the blind and provides them with the means for professional development and social integration.

We are financed by Sofia City Council but also rely on donations and project involvement.