The library organises meetings with popular authors, singers, musicians and politicians for its members. The famous writers Dimitar Dimov, Dimitar Talev, Elin Pelin and others, have visited us. A year before she died Gena Dimitrova, the opera singer came to the Library and became an honourable member.

The library is associated with many amateur folklore and modern music vocal groups. We are particularly proud of "Usmivki"(Smiles). It is a group of talented blind children. Their shows are a celebration and a way to integrate in society. The group have recorded a couple of CD's. Their songs are played on the radio and are popular with the children throughout Bulgaria.

A group for old town songs was formed in Sofia. Its name is "Lulin" and they made recordings in the National Radio. They have recently produced an album.

A group with a longer history is "Thracian blossom" from Plovdiv. They have made innumerable records and have toured abroad.

We also support the "Spectar" folklore band from Varna. Their performances are extremely professional despite the free time amateur character of the band. Their records are very much appreciated by folklore lovers in Bulgaria.

The library has gathered a collection of the best performances of blind musicians through the years and it is kept in the Golden Fund of the National Radio. This music will be accessible to all our members willing to become familiar with the art of the blind.